International Winter School in Digital Governance

Faculty and guest speakers

The advanced Training Course is delivered by the Departmental Center for Legal, Historical and Social Studies on the Environment and Territory Management of the Department of Political and Social Sciences and the Interdepartmental Research Center for the organization and governance of the Public Administration of the University of Pavia, in collaboration with the Department of Internal Medicine and Medical Therapy, Romagnosi Foundation School of Local Government and Appleby.

The International School in Digital Governance is led by a powerful team of global experts who share their knowledge in the form of case studies, research, and discussions.

  • Programme Director:
    • Alessandro Venturi
  • Programme Vice-Direttore:
    • Silvia Figini
  • Programme Coordinators:
    • Stefano Regondi
    • Giuseppe Carlo Ricciardi
  • Faculty:
    • Enrico Bagli, Chiara Bardelli, Giovanni Cordini, Alberto Culatina, Silvia Figini, Pietro Previtali, Stefano Regondi, Giuseppe Carlo Ricciardi, Alessandro Venturi
  • Guest Experts:
    • Giovanni Ziccardi, Fabrizio Rienzi, Raoul Chiesa, Manfo Zangmo, Enrico Bagli, Giulio Natale, Giuliano Tavaroli, Selene Giupponi, Giulio Pasi, Alberto Culatina
  • Programme Organizational Secretariat:
    • Sabrina Spaghi
    • Letizia Reale
    • Luca Testoni


Alessandro Venturi

Professor of Comparative Public Law – University of Pavia


Alessandro Venturi (Ph.D), graduated with full marks in Law at the University of Ferrara, lawyer since 2005, DPhil in public law, is a research fellow in comparative public law at the University of Pavia.

He is author of many scientific publications on general public law, administrative law and comparative public law, the last ones concerning, in particular, the matter of public utilities services to the person and the community and the matter of the relation between scientific knowledge and law.

Silvia Figini

Professor of Statistics – University of Pavia


2018 – Full Professor at University of Pavia.
Vice coordinator PhD in Computational Mathematics and Decision Sciences (
Coordinator of the BioData Science research center IRCCS Mondino.
Scientific Coordinator of RIDS (RES Institute for data science)

Stefano Regondi

Pro-tempore legal representative at Nemo Lab Director of operations and development of NeMO clinical centers


Giuseppe Carlo Ricciardi

Adjunct Professor of Administrative Law – University of Pavia


Si laurea con lode in Giurisprudenza presso l’Università di Pavia con una tesi in Diritto amministrativo insignita del Premio Sinforiani 2012. Nell’anno successivo vince una borsa di studio presso la Giunta regionale della Lombardia (staff del Direttore Centrale P.I.eF.).

È stato visiting researcher presso l’Institut de Management Public et Gouvernance Territoriale (IMPGT) dell’Aix-Marseille Université. Avvocato in Pavia e consulente di amministrazioni ed Enti di ricerca, è docente in Master universitari e Corsi specialistici destinati a dipendenti dell’amministrazione. È stato ricercatore a contratto di Diritto regionale e degli Enti locali per il Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche e Sociali (DSPS) dell’Università di Pavia, nel quale dall’autunno 2018 svolge attività di ricerca post-dottorale in Diritto amministrativo.

Alberto Culatina

Adjunct Professor of Computer Science – University of Pavia

CEO Appleby Srl


Adjunct Professor at the Department of Internal Medicine and Medical Therapy at the University of Pavia. Currently CEO of Appleby Srl, a digital consultancy company based in Milan (and Pavia) specialized in the development of e-learning platforms, websites, cloud and networking services.

Pietro Previtali

Professor of Business Organization – University of Pavia

Vice-Rector for Organization, Human Resources and Construction


Pietro Previtali is Full Professor of Business Organization at University of Pavia. He got his PhD in Management and Business Administration at Bocconi University. He is President of the Public Administration Organization and Governance Research Center.
He is Pro-Rector for Organization, Human Resources and Building. Since 1998 he has been teaching and conducting research on the managerial issues surrounding the introduction of information technologies in public agencies, health care organizations and private companies.
At present, he is conducting research on compliance and business ethics, especially with reference to whistleblowing, corporate governance and anti-corruption systems.

Chiara Bardelli

PHD Student presso Università degli Studi di Pavia


Currently PhD student in Computational Mathematics and Decision Sciences (University of Pavia) and collaborator of the Chair of Economic Statistics at the Department of Political and Social Sciences.
She graduated in Mathematical Engineering in 2016 at the Politecnico di Milano, after having worked for years in the world of consulting, she decides to reconnect with the academic world by enrolling in the innovative interdisciplinary doctorate of the University of Pavia in “Computational mathematics and decision sciences”. During your doctoral years you worked on several research projects in the field of statistics and machine learning, in collaboration with both private and public bodies, accumulating an enviable experience on the topics of the International School in Digital Governance.

Giovanni Ziccardi

Professor of Legal Informatics, Faculty of Law – University of Milan


Giovanni Ziccardi (1969) is Professor of Legal Informatics (“Informatica Giuridica”) at the University of Milan, and Founder and Director of the post-graduate Course in “Legal Informatics“ and in “Computer Crimes and Digital Investigations. He is the founder and the former Director of the post-graduate Course in Data Protection and Digital Investigation.

Professor Ziccardi received his graduate degree (in Law) from the University of Modena and his Ph.D. in Legal Informatics from the University of Bologna.

Mauro Alovisio

Lawyer at the University of Turin


Coordinator of the specialization course on GDPR of the University of Turin, he deals with the law of new technologies; trainer; he is the author of multiple publications on GDPR video control and companies.

Fabrizio Rienzi

For 30yrs IBM Director of Tech&Innovation

2020 CEO rnbgate rnb4culture rnb4africa,VPStrategy Bio4Dreams, Angel Investoror


IBM Research, Innovation & Technology Officer for Italy, Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa for the last 30 years. He is currently president and CEO of rnbgate and rnb4culture and president of rnb4africa

Raoul Chiesa

ICT Security Senior Expert, Visionary Entrepreneur, Key Note Speaker, Cybersecurity Adviser and CyberGlobetrotter, Co-Founder


Speaker in 50+ cyber security conferences worldwide, Raul Chiesa is Founding Partner and President of Security Brokers-Global Cyber Defense & Security Services

Manfo Zagmo

CEO presso RnB4Africa


Founder of RnB4Africa, a consulting firm specialized in emerging technologies operating in sub-Saharan Africa. He is also CEO and Co-funder of Sabang, an international consulting firm

Giuliano Tavaroli

Strategist and consultant on the crossroad from risks, intelligence, technology and power


former Corporate Security Director of Pirelli and Telecom Italia Group. Currently strategic consultant specializing in technology scouting, innovation, start up strategy, international relationship and risk management at Strategic Risk Consulting

Enrico Bagli

Senior Data Scientist, PhD


Data Scientist specialized in projects related to the development of machine learning models for credit scoring at CRIF S.p.A

Giulio Natale



Currently consultant at IBM Slovakia specializing in big data and cognitive analysis for various markets, he has worked extensively with the related Chief Operating Officers and Senior Vice President of IBM

Selene Giupponi

Managing Director Europe at Resecurity Inc.


CEO of Resecurity Europe, an information security company, based in Los Angeles, specialized in data protection, risk management and threat intelligence for large companies and government agencies around the world

Giulio Pasi

Scientific Officer & Policy Advisor European Commission


PhD in Economics and Social Sciences, at the University Institute of Higher Studies (IUSS Pavia), currently Scientific Officer & Policy Advisor at the European Commission

Raffaele Pugliese

Technical Lead Coordinator, Biomedical Nanotechnology , 3D-Printing, Self-assembly Peptide, NanoNutraceuticalsBioMolecular Architect

Agostino Ghiglia

Member of the Board of the Guarantor for the protection of personal data at the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data