Faculty and Teachers

The International School in Digital Governance is promoted by the Departmental Center for Legal, Historical and Social Studies on the Environment and Territory Management of the Department of Political and Social Sciences of the University of Pavia, in collaboration with the Interdepartmental Research Center “Organization and Governance of the Public Administration” of the University of Pavia, the Department of Internal Medicine and Medical Therapy of the University of Pavia, Appleby® s.r.l. and the Fondazione Romagnosi School of Local Government.

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    Director of the course

    Alessandro Venturi

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    Giuseppe Carlo Ricciardi

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    Silvia Figini

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    Alberto Culatina

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    Scientific committee

    Enrico Bagli, Chiara Bardelli, Giovanni Cordini, Alberto Culatina, Stefano Denicolai, Silvia Figini, Pietro Previtali, Stefano Regondi, Giuseppe Carlo Ricciardi, Alessandro Venturi

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    Guest Experts

    Luca Bolognini, Andrea Lisi, Giovanni Marmini, Andrea Chiozzi, Roberto Marmo, Mauro Alovisio, Giovanni Ziccardi, Simona Persi, Nadia Zabbeo

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    Organizational Secretary

    Luca Testoni

Faculty Board

Enrico Pelino

Expert in computer law, PhD

Andrea Lisi

Head of the Lisi Law Firm, Coordinator of the Digital & Law Department, President of ANORC Professionals and Honorary President of ANORC


He has been dealing with law applied to information technology for over 20 years.

In addition to the Lisi Law Firm, he coordinates the realities of Digital&Law and D&L NET and is the creator of the DIGEAT + platform. He is the President of ANORC Professioni and Honorary President of ANORC.

He collaborates throughout Italy with public bodies and private companies, chamber of commerce, research centers, and primary companies providing design, training, assistance, and legal advice on the legal aspects of digitization, IT contracting, e-commerce and e-gov, computer security, and data protection.

He holds the role of Scientific Director of numerous Masters and specialized sector courses, organized in collaboration with national Universities and Training Institutions.

He is a blogger on topics related to law applied to information technology for Huffington Post, Il Fatto Quotidiano, Key4biz.it, and Filodiritto, and is the host of the show “Lo ho-BIT – an unexpected digicracy” hosted on MRTV.it.



Giovanni Marmini

Sales and business developer manager at TUV Thuringen Italia s.r.l.


Giovanni Marmini graduated from the economics faculty at Ferrara in 2005 and immediately began his career with experience in the public sector, supporting the preparation of the social balance sheet for the town of Portomaggiore as part of a post-university project.

After ending his experience in the public sector, he started his career in certification organizations as a sales manager, first at ECO certifications spa and then at Dekra certification. Since 2010, he has held the role of business development manager at TUV Thuringen Italy. In addition to commercial development, he also serves as a third-party auditor for quality systems and provides training on certification, organizational, and commercial development issues.

In the last three years, he has expanded his scope of work to include sustainability and optimization of business processes.

Andrea Chiozzi

Privacy LAB founder / CEO at Raise Academy / GDPR Expert – Privacy – Data Protection


Andrea Chiozzi has been working full-time in the field of Privacy for 19 years and considers himself an Evangelist.

He is the creator of the PrivacyLab GDPR software, an expert in privacy and personal data protection. He is part of the GDPR Scientific Committee of Torino Wireless, Raise Academy, and Agile CLASS.

Roberto Marmo

Data Scientist, Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at the Faculty of Engineering, Pavia University


I define myself as a “Data Scientist” i.e. a scientist capable of finding data, cleaning, processing and extracting information from which to derive useful knowledge to solve problems and make discoveries.
I carry out consultancy in companies and training in universities, masters, companies, various institutions.

I have a degree in Information Science (Computer Science). I obtained my PhD. in Information Engineering, in which I studied artificial vision (computer vision) created with artificial intelligence and various hardware/software approaches, at the Computer Vision and Multimedia Lab of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Pavia.
I am Adjunct Professor for A.A. 2021/22 in Computer Science at the University of Pavia.

My interest in computer science started in 1984 with the Commodore VIC 20 followed by the Commodore 64. During my degree I passed an extra exam in Philosophy of Science, to learn the scientific method with which to achieve objective, reliable, verifiable and sharable knowledge of reality.

Since 2008, I have been interested in studying statistical analysis and programming software applications for social networks, for searching for information on the internet, data mining in general and social media mining for information in social media, selling with social commerce, digital marketing.
I write blogs, articles and books because I want to disseminate the knowledge that, in my own small way, I can create for the growth of civil society.

Mauro Alovisio

Lawyer at the University of Turin


Coordinator of the advanced course on GDPR at the University of Turin, he deals with the law of new technologies; trainer; author of several publications on GDPR video surveillance and businesses.

Giovanni Ziccardi

Professor of Legal Informatics – University of Milan


Giovanni Ziccardi (Castelfranco Emilia, 1969) is Professor of Legal Informatics at the University of Milan. Former Jean Monnet Professor in the course of “European Union Data Governance and Cybersecurity from 2019 to 2022, he teaches cybercrime at the Master in Law of New Technologies at the University of Bologna.

Scientific Coordinator of the Coordinated Research Centre in Information Society Law (ISLC), he is a member of the Ethics Committee and the Security Committee of the University of Milan. A lawyer and publicist, he holds a degree in Law from the University of Modena and a PhD from the University of Bologna. His latest works are on digital rights (“Digital Rights”, Raffaello Cortina Editore, Milan, 2022), on the use of technologies in politics (“Technologies for Power”, Raffaello Cortina, 2019), on electronic resistance (“Resistance, Liberation Technology and Human Rights in the Digital Age”, Springer, 2012), on controlled society (“Internet, control and freedom”, Raffaello Cortina, 2015), on hate speech (“L’odio online”, Raffaello Cortina, 2016) and on digital death (“Il Libro Digitale dei Morti”, UTET, 2017).

He has published scientific articles in Italy, Europe and Japan and monographs with leading national and international publishers. He edits a scientific journal, “Ciberspazio e Diritto”; he collaborates with “il Mulino”, “Doppiozero”, “il Fatto Quotidiano”, “il Corriere della Sera” and “l’Enciclopedia Italiana Treccani”.

Simona Persi

Legal counselling – Personal Data Protection – D.P.O.


Simona Persi, a law graduate, deals with personal data protection, mainly performing the role of DPO at various public bodies.

She has gained experience as a speaker at various conferences on the subject of data protection.

She is co-author of the magazine “Compliance” entitled Il Modello organizzativo privacy – MOP” – published by Giuffrè Francis Lefebvre

Nadia Zabbeo

Consultant and Trainer in Cybersecurity/Data Protection and Web Psychology – Auditor/ Lead Auditor ISO IEC 27001 and ISO IEC 27701.


Master/Postgraduate course “Advanced enforcement strategies for the General Data Protection Regulation (EU Regulation 2016/679) c/o Faculty of Law. Postgraduate training “Expert D.P.O. (Data Protection Officer)” recognised by ADPOE (European Data Protection Officer Association)

Degree course: I began my studies in Law, then changed university course: I obtained a degree in Business Organisation & RU (Science of Administration) as an attending student in March 2006 (thesis in Business Organisation).

From 2017 I embarked on a long training course in Cybersecurity and GDPR (22 recent courses in Cybersecurity including 2 with CISCO ) I took the required exams and obtained the relevant certificates. In the degree course I completed I learnt how to manage business processes and procedures: very useful skills in data flow mapping and in impact assessment and audit processes and procedures, management systems assessment.

In the past I have been involved in HR; SMM and Neuromarketing: experiences that gave me in-depth knowledge of user behaviour patterns in the organisation and the web and web-risk-management.

My wide-ranging and heterogeneous skills enable me to help companies of any size to protect their assets and be compliant with Data Protection regulations.

I operate both individually as a freelancer and on behalf of accredited Data Protection organisations, offering training and consultancy courses and conducting organisational analyses to highlight any gaps.